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No.8 Rifle Shooting

Posted by Sgt R Gilchrist on August 1, 2013 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

On the 28th of July, two cadets from 1370 (Leven) Squadron went live firing at RAF Leuchars. Cpl Pentland and Cdt MacDonald thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Cdt MacDonald walked away with a squadron marksman which she is extremely happy with, hoping to improve foe the next time. Cpl Pentland had a disadvantage however, as he discovered he is left eye dominant which affected his performance however, he still enjoyed the day none the less.

Congratulations guys!


Bagpacking at Glenrothes Morrisons

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4 Cadets and 2 staff members attended Glenrothes Morrisons Yesterday to help the local customers pack their bags to raise money for squadron funds that will go towards, hopefully, new radio handheld kit. The cadets started off with high spirits and continued to thrive throughout the day with smiles on their face as they greeted and chatted to consumers of the supermarket. The bagpacking went excellent yesterday,raising almost £600 for only 6 hours work, amazing stuff!


North region marching band Holcombe Manchester 2013

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On the 27th may 2013- 2nd June, I and two Other cadets from the squadron travelled down to Manchester for the north region marching band. We were the only 3 cadets from Scotland and the rest were English! When we first got down there we had never seen the music before and we were expected to learn it for Sunday, as that was the day we were marching in the Manchester Day Parade in front of thousands of people. During the week we done other non musical activities like shopping, disco and clay pigeon shooting. On the day of the parade, before we left, cadets who hadn't received their instrumentalist badge received one to go on their brassard! The parade lasted for two hours, so we had to play and march for two hours straight but when the crown cheered everyone was lifted up and played the best they could!

'I was really scared for the camp because I was going to be the only girl that I knew but once we were down there I met loads of new people who also loved playing instruments and we got along fine! We had loads of great laughs, especially at the talent show and I hope to see them again when I go over to Belgium! I am so happy that I got my badge! Although I was knackerd after the parade and after getting home' - cdt Lauren Macdonald


Also thanks to CI Thornber who traveled all the way down to pick us up via train and then had to bring us all the way back up via train with 3 cadets and a base drum. That was a nightmare experience!

Risk Assessors Course

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Congratultions to all of the staff who recently passed their risk assessment course over the weekend. FS Russell, AWO Brown, Sgt Russell, CI Thornber, CI Mason and Cdt Sgt Gilchrist all passed, now making the squadron the safest its ever been!

Armed Forces Day

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Flight Sergeant Russell represents the squadron at the flag raising ceremony, as part of the armed forces parade in Cupar this afternoon. Pictured with Sea Cadets and Lord Provost of Fife

Corps Athletics

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Congratulations to Sgt R Gilchrist for progressing through region and onto Inter- Region (Corps) athletics. Sgt Gilchrist presented not only the squadron but the entire of S&NI region at 100m Relay and the Long Jump at RAF Cosforfd, England. He succesfully walked away with a bronze at long jump and his Corps Blues and 1 Corps Athletics Cheveron, well done.

Drill Competition

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On the 3rd of June, cadets from 1370 (Leven) Squadron particapated in the Wing drill competition. On succeding at the squadron to perfect the drill sequence we all went to compete on the sunday morning. Being the Last Squadron to be inspected was a bonus in itself as we were able to spend the morning practicing the drill sequence and brush off any imperfections. 

After the drill sequence, we were praised greatly by Wg staff officers and the wg DI, it couldnt of went better, now we ware starting training for next year which should be even better than this year.

Great Job guys, well done!


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Congratualations to all the cadets who recentely attended Leven (1370) Squadron bagpacking, which raised a squadron total upto around £1500 to go towards kit, activities etc. 

Congratualtions to all who took part, much appreciated and enjoy the upcoming year.

Cadets qualify as first aiders

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Congratulations to Cpl S Lowe and Cdt C Pentland for succefully completing a qualifying for the St.John Ambulance green first aid badge. They recentely attended a weekend course which taught them all the practical abilities aswell as theory work. They then had to complete several different tests which certify them as qualified first aiders.

Well done, to the both of you

If anyone wishes to attend a course please see Cpl S Lowe ASAP.

Radio communicators badges awarded!

Posted by Sgt R Gilchrist on December 19, 2012 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations, to Cpl S Lowe and Cdt S Elder who were recently awarded there Air cadet radio communicators badge. They have both worked very hard during parade times and out with cadets to ensure the best possible results. 18 months training was needed, this involved participating in both weekend and week long courses as well as completing 6 modules which were needed to have a thorough and detailed understanding of radio communications.

Well done, you should be proud.


If anybody wishes to gain more knowledge or expand there understanding on radio communications please do not hesitate to contact Cpl R Gilchrist via the social network sites or on parade nights.